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Too drunk to hunt. Founders Brewing Co. Camping Trip

Having missed the highly anticipated, sell out, Founders beer dinner at The Cross Keys (what can I say, it fell on a ‘dry day’…) I was chuffed to bits to […]

Blue Cheese

Meet our Suppliers: Cryer & Stott

We’re really proud to be from Yorkshire, and here at the Cross Keys Kitchen we think of ourselves as pretty darn lucky to be able to work with suppliers that share […]


Our house beer #3 Portertype

Can you see where we’re going here?? Prototype is such a good beer and a tidy idea too (which didn’t escape the attentions of some other nifty cwaft beer marketing […]


Produce of the Week: Sprouting Broccoli!

  SPROUTING BROCCOLI ! Written By Jennifer Lee O’Brien @jenniferleeob, Inspiration & Guidance From Our Ace Sous-Chef Cameron Goodwin. Spring is definitely upon us. While we are buzzing with anticipation […]