Alex’s adventures at Eagle Valley Hops | Part I


I started working for North Bar Ltd nearly four years ago. During that time I’ve brewed the former ‘Prototype’ at Kirkstall Brewery and helped with North Brew Co’s launch at […]

Oh for the love of BEER…


It’s been a couple of months since our last blog update, so we figured it was about time we let you know what we’ve been up to, eh? The boys […]

North Bar launches a lovely new bar in Harrogate


Well, we’ve done it again. Last night saw the industry and friends & family launch of North Bar Harrogate, the newest little bundle of joy to join the North family. […]

What’s Try January and why do we keep going on about it?


… And while we’re at it, what is Tryanuary? And Can-uary? And Man-In-A-Van-uary? Well Man-In-A-Van-uary is something I just made up. But the others are all variations on a theme. […]

North Bar holds a bloody amazing Halloween party


If you weren’t at North Bar for Halloween on Saturday, you missed one hell of a party. No, really. You could be forgiven for thinking that October 31st in Leeds […]

Norse, Lervig, and Indy Man Beer Con


Sometimes, small spaces like North Bar are capable of incredible things. An area which, on a Saturday night, can feel about as big as a sheet of newspaper, can be […]

North Bar has an incredibly busy week of cycling and beer and fun


As the eagle-eyed among you will notice, this blog post is a whole two weeks late. Just when you got used to regular updates from us, we go and pull […]

Atomium is Nigh

Atomium banners - Copy

Atomium is nigh   Earth has become a desolate wasteland. Cities have crumbled. The human race has dwindled into near extinction.  In the daily struggle that we now call life, […]

North Bar turns 18 and has a ball at the US Beer Festival


Howdy y’all, ‘Sup, Hola, Hi-diddly-ho, and other such typical American greetings. It’s been a busy month for us here at North. We kicked off at the very beginning of July […]

North Brewing Co

First pints poured

A few weeks shy of 18 years ago North Bar opened with humble aspirations.  A place for nice people to drink.  A short stumble along that journey we discovered the […]